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      betway 80/1

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      events lendar

      Jun 7   Chromeo with a Live Band (All Ages)   Malkin Bowl
      Jun 7   Operators/Handsome Furs   Fortune
      Jun 8   Kranium   Venue
      Jun 8   Operators/Handsome Furs   Fortune
      Jun 14   Sticky Fingers (ncelled)   Commodore
      Jun 14   Yungblud (All Ages)   Venue
      Jun 15   Reverend Horton Heat   Venue
      Jun 15   Sticky Fingers (ncelled)   Commodore
      Jun 16   Reverend Horton Heat (Vic)   Distrikt
      Jun 21   Together Pangea & Vundabar   Venue
      Jun 23   Blue October   Venue
      Jun 26   The Messthetics   Fortune
      Jun 28   Nessly - All Ages   Fortune
      Jul 5   FVDED In The Park 2019   Holland Park
      Jul 11   Bob Log III   Fortune
      Jul 12   wifisfuneral (All Ages)   Fortune
      Jul 20   Cuco (All Ages)   Venue
      Jul 25   Afterlife Tour (All Ages)   Fortune
      Jul 27   Comethazine (All Ages)   Venue
      Jul 31   The Marías   Fortune
      Aug 1   Bodega & B Boys   Fortune
      Aug 2   Miya Folick   Fox
      Aug 5   Pixx   Fox
      Aug 6   Alison Sudol   Fox
      Aug 7   The Drums   Imperial
      Aug 9   GOTHBOICLIQUE (All Ages)   Fortune
      Aug 10   Everything Is Terrible   Fox
      Aug 22   Mndsgn   Fortune
      Aug 30   The Midnight   Commodore
      Sep 1   Sleep   pital
      Sep 12   Blackalicious   Fortune
      Sep 12   No Fun At All   Venue
      Sep 17   Charlie Cunningham   Fox
      Sep 23   Nitzer Ebb   Venue
      Sep 26   Criminal: Podst   Hollywood Theatre
      Sep 26   Shura   Venue
      Sep 29   Hatchie   Fortune
      Sep 30   Band of Skulls   Venue
      Oct 1   Kamelot & Sonata Arti   Venue
      Oct 2   SG Lewis   Fortune
      Oct 2   Marc Rebillet   Venue
      Oct 5   Delain, Amorphis & Anneke Van Giersberge   Venue
      Oct 7   Ride   Venue
      Oct 10   Maribou State   Commodore
      Oct 11   Injury Reserve   Fortune
      Oct 15   vetown   Venue
      Oct 26   Hollerado   Commonwealth
      Oct 28   t Power   Commodore
      Nov 4   Peter Hook & the Light   Venue
      Nov 23   Dave (All Ages)   Fortune
      Dec 6   The Chainsmokers   Rogers Arena